that's my congress titleCongressional Resources for South Dakota Voters

Progressives in South Dakota are forced to fight on two fronts. On the one hand, they must battle right wing Republicans. On the other hand, they must contend with right wing politicians in the Democratic Party. With representatives in Congress like Stephanie Herseth, many South Dakota progressive Democrats wonder if they would be better off with a third party.

As hard as life is now for South Dakota progressives, we encourage them not to give up. For motivated South Dakota progressives, the links below lead to information and activist resources to help in the struggle to take back the Congress in 2006 and promote progressive ideals across the United States.

South Dakota's United States Senators

Senator Tim Johnson, Democrat. Progressive Action Score for Tim Johnson: 33/100. (Contact Senator Johnson)

Senator John Thune, Republican. Progressive Action Score for John Thune: 0/100. (Contact Senator Thune)

South Dakota's Delegation to the US House of Representatives

Rep. Stephanie Herseth, Democrat. Progressive Action Score for Stephanie Herseth: 15/100. (Contact Representative Herseth)

Resources for Congressional Coverage And Electoral Action

  • South Dakota Democrat Stephanie Herseth supports religious prejudice by voting for the Hostettler Amendment to protect preferential government treatment for certain religions over others.

  • Stephanie Herseth joins small group of nationalist Democrats in attempt to outlaw anti-government dissent

  • South Dakota is beset by absentee ballot fraud in 2004

  • Help from Stephanie Herseth is the kind of help we all can do without

  • Progressive directory for South Dakota

    Progressive South Dakota Bumper Stickers and Campaign Buttons

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    2006 election updates

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    Progressive U.S. Senate Scorecards

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