that's my congress titleCongressional Resources for South Carolina Voters

South Carolina presents a great sea of right wing attitudes, marked with strong islands of progressive values. The progressive grassroots struggle therefore must contend with many obstacles. Nonetheless there are many strong and principled activists who are bearing the banner of enlightenment across South Carolina. Here, you'll find the information and action opportunities that are available

Assembled just for motivated South Carolina progressives, the links below lead to information and activist resources to help in the struggle to take back the Congress in 2006 and promote progressive ideals across the United States.

South Carolina's United States Senators

Senator Jim DeMint, Republican . Progressive Action Score for Jim DeMint: 0/100. (Contact Senator DeMint)

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican . Progressive Action Score for Lindsey Graham: 0/100. (Contact Senator Graham)

South Carolina's Delegation to the US House of Representatives

Rep. J. Gresham Barrett, Republican, representing District 3 . Progressive Action Score for Congressman Barrett: 0/100. (Contact Representative Barrett)
Rep. Henry Brown, Republican, representing District 1 . Progressive Action Score for Henry Brown: 0/100. (Contact Representative Brown)
Rep. James Clyburn, Democrat, representing District 6 . Progressive Action Score for Jim Clyburn: 42/100. (Contact Representative Clyburn)
Rep. Bob Inglis, Republican, representing District 4 . Progressive Action Score for Bob Inglis: 0/100. (Contact Representative Inglis)
Rep. John Spratt, Democrat, representing District 5 . Progressive Action Score for John Spratt: 33/100. (Contact Representative Spratt)
Rep. Joe Wilson, Republican, representing District 2 . Progressive Action Score for Joe Wilson: 0/100. (Contact Representative Wilson)

Resources for Congressional Coverage And Electoral Action

  • Circular pro-war logic of South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham

  • Congress Joe Wilson earns a place in the Environmental Hall of Shame

  • Dumb laws for paranoid churches in South Carolina

  • South Carolina abstinence education deceives students into dangerous behaviors

  • Bush defends confederate symbolism in present-day South Carolina, but fails on other tests of states' rights

  • Progressive directory for South Carolina

    Progressive South Carolina Bumper Stickers and Campaign Buttons

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    From Alabama to Wyoming, Information on Congress, organized by state

    2006 election updates

    Political Campaign Materials for all 50 states

    Progressive Congressional Scorecards - for the U.S. House of Representatives

    Progressive U.S. Senate Scorecards

    Congressional Resources from other web sites.