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The liberal - conservative split in Oregon mirrors the divide in the rest of America. The lush liberal Pacific coast of Oregon is countered by the stark dry Republican east. Where Oregon goes, so goes America. For that reason, we're keeping a special eye on progressive politics in Oregon, and tracking the activities of Oregon's congressional delegation.

With the Supreme Court opening up for the first time in over a decade, paying attention to Oregon's place in the Congress is more important than ever. For Oregon progressives, the links below lead to information and activist resources to help in the struggle to take back the Congress in 2006 and promote progressive ideals across the United States.

Oregon's United States Senators

Senator Gordon Smith, Republican . Progressive Action Score: 14/100. (Contact Senator Smith)
Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat. Progressive Action Score: 71/100. (Contact Senator Wyden)

Oregon's Delegation to the US House of Representatives

Representative Earl Blumenauer, Democrat, representing District 3 . Progressive Action Score: 77/100. (Contact Earl Representative Blumenauer)
Representative Peter DeFazio, Democrat, representing District 4 . Progressive Action Score: 69/100. (Contact Peter Representative DeFazio)
Representative Darlene Hooley, Democrat, representing District 5 . Progressive Action Score: 54/100. (Contact Representative Darlene Hooley)
Representative Greg Walden, Republican, representing District 2 . Progressive Action Score: 0/100. (Contact Representative Greg Walden)
Representative David Wu, Democrat, representing District 1 . Progressive Action Score: 62/100. (Contact Representative David Wu)

Resources for Congressional Coverage And Electoral Action

  • What's happening to the marine environment off the coast of Oregon in the North Pacific

  • Oregon's Senator Gordon Smith is among 14 U.S. senators who are soft on lynching

  • A deficit of religious morality is behind the bankruptcy of the Portland diocese of the Catholic Church

  • Portland, Oregon offers a blue state haven

  • Progressive directory for Oregon

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