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In 2005, Ohio will be the focus of political activists who are working to take back Congress from Republican control. This spring, President Bush snatched Congressman Rob Portman out of office by appointing him as a US trade repesentative. Competing for Portman's old seat in the US House of Representatives are Democrat Paul Hackett, who is a veteran of the Iraq War, and Republican Jean Schmidt, who has spent the last few years working to promote the agenda of radical right wing activist groups who are trying to institute Christianity as America's official religion.

For motivated Ohio progressives, the links below lead to information and activist resources to help in the struggle to take back the Congress in 2006 and promote progressive ideals across the United States.

Check out the That's My Congress
directory and scorecard of Ohio's delegation to the US Congress

Resources for Congressional Coverage And Electoral Action

  • In Ohio's special election for Congress in 2005, Paul Hackett takes on right wing extremist Jean Schmidt

  • Three percent turnout in Ohio is not a foundation for change.

  • Wake Up Ohio: A new progressive activist group gets America's purple state to move to blue

  • Ohio's Board of Education falls for Intelligent Design theology in public schools

  • Representatives Michael Turner, David Hobson, and Ralph Regula are listed as infamous members of the Environmental Hall of Shame

  • The unintended consequences of Ohio's new gay marriage ban

  • Would Marcy Kaptur make a good presidential candidate?

  • Ohio's Regional Sewer District complains that it's just too expensive not to mix shit with drinking water.

  • Has Ohio become a refuge for child torture?

  • Could Ohio be split north and south for a more representative government?

  • Progressive directory for Ohio

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