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New York is not the empire state that it once was, but it still holds a special place in the American identity. New York State has a great deal of diversity, including mountains and oceans, islands and inland counties, city and country all together.

That same diversity is shown in New York's dedication to the progressive values of liberty, equality, and justice under the law. It seems like a simple thing to say that you value liberty, but in these days of attacks on the US Constitution by Republican politicians hungry for power, basic things like the Bill of Rights can no longer be taken for granted. New York State is at the forefront of the defense of democracy from right wing nationalism.

It's also in New York State that idealistic liberalism is showing its strongest resurgence. Groups like New York Liberal are reclaiming the title of liberal as a strongly positive characteristic, in tune with America's highest traditions of idealism and progress.

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Resources for Congressional Coverage And Electoral Action

  • An interview with Les Roberts, congressional Democratic candidate for New York State's 24th District

  • Consider the St. Patricks Four from Ithaca, New York

  • New York Republicans crusade against bare breasts

  • New York State's false moderates

  • Randy Kuhl in the pocket of Tom DeLay

  • Andrew Cuomo's great campaign example

  • Vito Fosella, Bush's rubber stamp

  • A lake effect snowscape

  • Revoking Mayor Bloomberg's permit

  • Michael Bloomberg's anti-free speech agenda

  • Irregular interview: Marriage Equality New York

  • Ukeleles for Sanity march in Manhattan

  • Congressman James Walsh says Iraq is a model of how to go to war

  • Abusive Randy Kuhl in the public eye

  • Reflections on the dog days in Jamaica, New York

  • Trumansburg marches for peace

  • Margaret Gutzmer of Stafford calls for mass slaughter by Americans in Iraq

  • How I singlehandedly foiled a terrorist plot in Manhattan

  • Coyote Fear in Upstate New York

  • Ithaca Moveon Bake Sale

  • What would have happened if I hadn't moved to New York?

  • Profiles in Cowardice: Congressman James Walsh

  • Take Back Congress - New York

    Take Back New York's 24th District

    Progressive directory for New York State

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