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From: "This Week in Congress Newsletter" <retorts@irregulartimes.com>
Subject: This Week in Congress Newsletter Issue 5, November 17 2010
Date: November 17th 2010

This Week in Congress: A Newsletter from That's My Congress and Irregular Times

Issue 5: November 17, 2010

In this issue, we offer a series of post-mortem analyses to assess whether the received wisdom from the pundit class regarding the 2010 election results is actually wise. Which constituencies actually won and lost, and how will this affect the character of the two parties in the 112th Congress?

Fact Check: Was the 2010 Election a Punishment for Health Care Reform?

Was the 2010 Election a referendum on health care reform? You might think so if you'd listened to the talking points of the Republican-leaning pundit class; they've declared "Obamacare" to be the primary offense motivating voters. But the actual election results tell a different story.


Who Were the Tea Party Candidates of 2010? How did they Fare?

Three Tea Party groups issued endorsements of congressional candidates in the 2010 elections. Despite the initial endorsement of one Democrat, by Election Day the endorsement lists featured 229 Republicans and not one Democrat. Who lost? Who won? And what is the Tea Party caucus going to do now that it holds a significant stake in the power establishment?


A Sign of the Future? 38% of Voters in Virginia District 4 choose the Atheist

If an atheist can get nearly 4 out of 10 votes in Virginia, who’s to say that openly atheist candidates couldn’t win outright in more progressive places?


Falling Silent on Racial Profiling Did Not Protect Arizona's Congressional Democrats

The Democrats who spoke out against racial profiling in Arizona's new SB 1070 law did better in the 2010 elections than the Democrats who fell silent.


While Blue Dogs are Decimated, Congressional Progressive Caucus Surges

While congressional liberals more often than not coasted to re-election, the size of the “Blue Dog Coalition” of conservative Democrats in the House of Representatives was cut in half. The Congressional Progressive Caucus is newly energized and promises a confrontational style in Congress. And rather than being chastened or conciliatory, Blue Dog Heath Shuler suggests the lesson of the 2010 Elections is that Democrats should be more like the Republicans... and elect him as Minority Leader.

Read more here and here and here

FEC responds to a Wave of Non-Compliant Independent Expenditure Reports with a Trickle of Fines

According to Federal Election Commission reports updated through this morning, hundreds of independent expenditures made in the last 19 days before the election, were reported to the FEC after the mandated 24-hour deadline. 116 of these expenditures were not reported for a full week, delaying journalists and citizens in their efforts to uncover the identities of the corporations unleashing wave after wave of attack advertisements against congressional candidates. What has the FEC done in response to these violations of the rules? Not much.


In Last-Minute Twist, Tea Party Betrays Walt Minnick, Its Sole Democratic Party "Hero"

For much of the 2010 election season, the Tea Party Express held up the example of Walt Minnick, which it named as a "Tea Party Hero," to prove that the Tea Party was non-partisan and not simply a tool used to elect Republicans. But as Election Day approached, the Tea Party Express made a last-minute switch...


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