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From: "New in Political Stickers, Buttons and Shirts" <retorts@irregulartimes.com>
Subject: New Bumper Stickers, Shirts and Buttons from Irregular Times (August 7, 2011)
Date: August 7th 2011

New Political Bumper Stickers, Buttons, Magnets and Shirts
from Irregular Times

The following are the latest additions to our extensive line of political bumper stickers, buttons and sweatshop-free t-shirts. Keeping track of these designs is a great way to follow the political zeitgeist.

Is there a design you'd like to see us add to our catalog and make available for sale? Send your suggestions to retorts@irregulartimes.com.
Who Put those Ideas in Mitt Romney's Head? T-Shirt

Who put those crazy-sounding ideas in Mitt Romney's head? Don't consult your factual knowledge or rely on your command of logic to find the answer. Just look at Mitt Romney's campaign contributors to find the answer. Mitt Romney's head is filled with their greenbacks, and the money just keeps falling out of his mouth. (This Anti-Romney t-shirt was made ethically in the USA by American Apparel)
Zombie Moral Values Coffee Mug

Roam only by Night. Eat Free Range Locally Grown Brains. Shamble Slowly. Walk With Arms Straight Ahead. Never ring the doorbell. Decay dramatically. Groan loudly to give victims fair warning. No new clothes. These are the Zombie Moral Values. (coffee mug)
Jesus-Themed Michele Bachmann for President Bumper Sticker

Why vote for Michele Bachmann for President? Because she loves Jesus more than you do! We know it's true because Michele Bachmann SAYS it is. Unless you're a religious zealot, this pro-Bachmann bumper sticker ought to ring sarcastically. That's the intention. No clumsy theocracy in 2012 -- no to Michele Bachmann.
Pro-Sanity, Anti-Bachmann Bumper Sticker

Michele Bachmann is the Sarah Palin of Minnesota, and that's not a good thing. From her call in 2008 for a new round of McCarthy Hearings to her use of religious affiliation to divide Americans to her insistence on shoving puritanical behavior codes down Americans' throats, Michele Bachmann is not merely quirky. Bachmann's politics are insane. That's why Americans who support sanity oppose Michele Bachmann. (Anti-Bachmann bumpersticker)
Boot Buerkle Bumper Sticker for New York's 25th District

Creating new bonuses for the ultra-wealthy. Dumping on the poor. Letting pollution run through our rivers. Renewing the Patriot Act. Spitting on our Constitution. Enough! It's time to vote Ann Marie Buerkle out. It's time to Boot Buerkle. (Anti-Buerkle bumper sticker)
Sermon on the Mount, the Rick Warren Revision T-Shirt

"HALF of America pays NO taxes. Zero. So they're happy for tax rates to be raised on the other half that DOES pay taxes." -- That's what Rick Warren, conservative preacher at the ultra-wealthy Saddleback Church, declared in July of 2011. Why, that's just what Jesus might have said, isn't it? Just like the Sermon on the Mount. In Bizarro Opposite Land, yes, just like Jesus. This T-Shirt criticizing Rick Warren is made sweatshop-free in the USA. A dollar from each sale goes toward domestic political causes and another dollar toward helping those who live in poverty overseas.
Pantheist Chambered Nautilus T-Shirt

Scientific pantheism is a movement of people who are inspired by observations of pattern and meaning in the world as a source of wonder and meaning. Pantheists eschew supernatural religion and simply open their eyes in worship. This shirt displays a chambered nautilus, the spiral symbol of the World Pantheist Movement, as a means of showcasing pantheist identity. Made ethically in the USA.
L'Idiot Governor bumper sticker against Paul LePage

Paul LePage? Oh dear, did he open his big mouth again? Fermez La Bouche, fella. This mock-out of Paul LePage's 2010 campaign bumper sticker expresses what we're all feeling in the Pine Tree State: deep embarrassment at the idiocy of it all. Maine should not make the same mistake again. Let's dump Paul LePage. (Anti-LePage bumper sticker)
Elizabeth Warren for Senate lawn sign

Show your support for the unavowedly liberal voice for working people across America when you put this Elizabeth Warren for Senate lawn sign in the yard in front of your home. Run, Ms. Warren, run! (Pro-Warren campaign yard sign)
Elizabeth Warren for Senate bumper sticker

Right now, Elizabeth Warren is one of the most vocal advocates for working and middle class America. Elizabeth Warren is exactly the sort of champion we need in the U.S. Senate. Run, Elizabeth Warren, run for the U.S. Senate! (Pro-Warren Senatorial campaign bumper sticker)
War is the Answer to an Insane Question bumper sticker

War is the answer, all right. But that doesn't mean it's a good answer. War is the answer to an absolutely batshit crazy question. Ask a reasonable question, and peace will always be the better answer. (Anti-war bumper sticker)
Khamsa Eye in Hand T-Shirt

The Khamsa, known by some as the Hamsa, is an ancient mystical symbol that predates all modern religions. It is a symbol of many things: of vision, of the use of all senses for protection against harm, and in more literal interpretations a talisman to protect against the evil eye. When you wear this shirt on the street, you'll get an interesting reaction every time, most often beginning with the sound of "Ooooo...". (Mystical energy t-shirt)
No Shirt No Shoes No Service No Susurrus Shirt

No Shirt No Shoes No Service No Stump No Sogginess No Salamanders No Sailboat No Swells No Splashes No Smirk No Suggestions No Shenanigans No Stillness No Stirring No Susurrus (Alliteration Play Shirt made in the USA)
Thaddeus McCotter 2012 Bumper Sticker: Seize Freedom and Choke it till it Dies

The slogan of Thaddeus McCotter's 2012 presidential campaign is SEIZE FREEDOM! Usually, SEIZE ____! is followed by the words AND THROW IT IN THE DUNGEON! Maybe Freedom will never get as far as the dungeon of the McCotter campaign. Maybe it will be taken to a quiet grove of trees where no one can hear Freedom scream and get choked to death. Such a fate wouldn't be surprising, considering that Thad McCotter has supported the Patriot Act, opposed Free Speech, and enabled Big Government powers of arbitrary search, surveillance, and seizure against American citizens, all while trying to pass legislation to give filthy rich campaign contributors a tax break for doggy lingerie. If you support freedom, don't vote for Thaddeus McCotter in 2012. (anti-McCotter bumpersticker)
Michele Bachmann, Zombie Candidate for President T-Shirt

You know this much is true: whatever Michele Bachmann is, she's inhuman. Judging by her behavior Bachmann just may be our first Zombie candidate for President of the United States. Like a creature of the night, Michele Bachmann roams the farms and fields of Iowa and New Hampshire, looking for fresh blood and brains to sink her teeth into. Back away slowly, and never cast your vote for the zombie. (Anti-Bachmann Shirt)
Tell Thaddeus McCotter the Earth is Getting Hotter Bumper Sticker

Can you believe that Representative Thaddeus McCotter is running around claiming that global warming isn't real? I mean, how do you argue with a thermometer? The thermometers tell us global warming's real. Here's how. Sign up for campaign contributors. That's how. Thad McCotter is paid for, and now the people who paid for him want him in higher office. Ridiculous! (Anti-McCotter bumper sticker)
No one is Odder than Thad McCotter Anti-McCotter T-Shirt

Representative Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan is all for spending huge amounts of money on military weapons systems that the military itself says it doesn't want or need. At the same time, McCotter went gung ho in the 111th Congress to make cashmere dog sweaters tax deductible... and he says he's a deficit hawk! No one is odder than McCotter. (Anti-McCotter t-shirt)
Mitt Romney Gives Me the Heebie Jeebies T-Shirt

Be clear that you definitely do NOT support Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. There's something ungenuine about Romney, something contrived, something plastic, something creepy. Let everyone know that Mitt Romney gives you the Heebie Jeebies. (Anti-Romney T-Shirt, Made in the USA)
Michele Bachmann Scares Me Bumper Sticker

You know, whether she's making a speech for a presidential campaign or trying to make a law, Michele Bachmann is just plain scary. Actually, you do know that already, don't you? Let others know how you feel, too. If we don't share our indignation (and follow that up with reasons to oppose extreme right-wing politics in conversation, we could end up with George Bush II here. That's what Michele Bachmann represents. Don't let it happen. (Anti-Bachmann bumper sticker)
Red Slash Through Tim Pawlenty Button

Zzzzzz... oh, hello! Yawn. You'll have to excuse me, I just sat through a Republican Party debate in which Tim Pawlenty pandered to the basest bigotries of the audience while refusing to utter the pseudo-word Obomneycare. What a fake! No, not Pawlenty. Not in 2012. Not ever. (Anti-Pawlenty button)
Students Against Michele Bachmann campaign button

Students are among the youngest segments of society, which makes them subject to many of the whims of older, out-of-touch generations... and when you think out of touch, you've just got to think of Michele Bachmann. Students oppose the presidential campaign of Michele Bachmann in 2012 because they've been paying attention in school. They've learned their history, and the idea of a return to an angry, bigotry-filled past is unacceptable. Join students against Bachmann with this anti-Bachmann button for the presidential campaign season.
Proud Lesbians Against Michele Bachmann Button

2012 presidential contender Michele Bachmann has won support from bigots by opposing marriage equality, but at a cost: the rest of America will reject Bachmann if members of the LGBT community help make others aware of just how out of touch she is. Wear this anti-Bachmann campaign button as a proud lesbian who knows that history is on your side. (Anti-Bachmann Button)
If Michele Bachmann is the answer, you've been asking the wrong question bumper sticker

It's a bit like a round of Jeopardy. If I say Michele Bachmann as the answer, how would you answer with a question? Who is an unabashed extremist? Who would like to gut Roe v. Wade? Who would like to enforce Christian zealotry in the classroom? Those would be good questions to generate the answer of Michele Bachmann. There's one question that wouldn't be fitting: Who should be elected President in 2012? (Anti-Bachmann bumper sticker)
When Fascism Comes, the Republican Edition T-Shirt

Sinclair Lewis had it right when he predicted the form in which fascism would rise in America, but he left out one detail. When Fascism Comes to America, it will be Wrapped in the Flag and Carrying a Cross. On the Back of a Red White and Blue Elephant, no less. The Republican Party is the face of theocratic Christian fascism in America. (This t-shirt is made sweatshop-free in the USA by American Apparel)
Say No to Fascist Christian Republicans oval bumper sticker

Obviously, not all Christians are Republicans, and not all Republicans are necessarily fascist. But the combination of an aggressive, proselytizing Christianity and frighteningly authoritarian fascist policies is found within the institutions and among the prominent politicians of the Republican Party.sents Republican Christianity. Resist this cross-wielding, flag draped beast with all the strength you can muster. (Anti-fascist, anti-theocratic, anti-Republican bumper sticker)

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