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From: "New in Political Stickers, Buttons and Shirts" <retorts@irregulartimes.com>
Subject: New in Political Stickers, Buttons and Shirts for February 28 2011
Date: February 28th 2011

New Political Bumper Stickers, Buttons, Magnets and Shirts
from Irregular Times

The following are the latest additions to our extensive line of political bumper stickers, buttons and sweatshop-free t-shirts. Keeping track of these designs is a great way to follow the political zeitgeist.

Is there a design you'd like to see us add to our catalog and make available for sale? Send your suggestions to retorts@irregulartimes.com.
Science Doesn't Matter Unless You Care About Reality Shirt

How many times have you heard people declare that Science Doesn't Matter? Oh sure, it doesn't matter unless you want to be cured of your disease. Science doesn't matter unless you want healthier food on your plate. Science doesn't matter unless you want to avoid being poisoned. Science doesn't matter unless you care about reality!
It's Time to Retire David Dreier T-Shirt

Watch him on C-Span any day and you'll agree that David Dreier is the representative of dangerously outdated ideas in the House of Representatives. Make his tenure in Congress a thing of the past too. Help to retire David Dreier when you wear this brazenly political t-shirt and watch the conversations begin.
Wisconsin Dump Scott Walker T-Shirt

Oh, enough already! Scott Walker's union-busting, strong-arm, exclusive and elitist ways have got Wisconsin tongues a-wagging in furious fashion. Walker is doing no good for the state or its inhabitants. It's time to Dump Walker and find a replacement who can start to clean up the mess! (Anti-Walker t-shirt, made in the USA)
Dump Walker Protest Button for Wisconsin

Scott Walker is such an embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin, and it's not just because he got caught on tape cozying up to a California billionaire while refusing to talk to the people of his own state. It's the policies of Republican Governor Scott Walker that are the problem. Anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-worker, anti-everybody who isn't like him or slipping him campaign cash. How base. How disgusting. Scott Walker has gone too far. Dump Walker! (Anti-Walker button)
Wisconsin Against Scott Walker Pinback Button

Gee, another union-busting corporate stooge Republican politician who won't talk to his own citizens. Just what we need? I don't THINK so! The people of Wisconsin stand against Scott Walker and won't stand for his attempts to wreck our economy and sell pieces of it off to the lowest bidders. Wear this anti-Walker button to show that you've had enough!
Jane Corwin (R-Corporate America) Bumper Sticker

As a Republican member of the New York State Assembly, Jane Corwin has been the proponent of legislation to dole out corporate giveaway after big business tax break after monetary incentive for inside players. Jane Corwin looks to bring the same pro-corporate, anti-little-guy perspective to the United States Congress. Is that really what's good for America? (Hint: the answer rhymes with "go slow")... anti-Corwin bumper sticker
Dump Scott Walker Bumper Sticker

First Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gave a big fat tax giveaway to corporations. THEN he turned around and said he had no money for Wisconsin's hard-working public school teachers. What a JERK! Dump Walker. Just dump the creep! (Anti-Walker Bumper Sticker)
Warning: Corporate News is Hazardous to Your Brain (T-Shirt)

Warning! The Surgeon General has determined that watching corporate news on your TV is hazardous to your brain. Don't subscribe to an information agenda that directs you to the nearest store. Get independent information and make decisions for yourself! (Anti-TV, anti-Corporate t-shirt made in the USA by American Apparel)
It's Time to Retire David Dreier campaign button

Republican Representative David Dreier does not understand the fundamental truth of American democracy: that our liberty is more important than our security. Benjamin Franklin said it two and a half centuries ago, it is still true, but David Dreier has forgotten it. That's why it's time to retire for David Dreier. (Metal pinback anti-Dreier button)
Americans Against Michele Bachmann Oval Bumper Sticker

Liberal Americans have known for some time that Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota was disconnected from reality, but lately the Tea Party movement has begun to catch on too. They heard Rep. Bachmann talk to high heaven about preserving American Liberty and protecting the Constitution, but then she turned around and voted FOR the Patriot Act... FOUR times in a row! How ridiculous is that? Americans on the left and the right agree for once: Michele Bachmann, it's not time for you to run for President. It's time for you to go home. (Anti-Bachmann bumpersticker)
New York Voters Against Newt Gingrich lapel stickers

Wear one of these lapel stickers on Madison Avenue or Wall Street and watch corporate fatcats steam from their ears. There's nothing that annoys the financial elite like the little people getting out of their place and obstructing their plans. Those plans are championed in the political world by Newt Gingrich, who wants to dismantle the regulations that force the fatcats to behave, that keep the Earth from being further despoiled, and that invest in all of America's children (not just the rich ones). What better reason to wear one and hand out dozens more to your friends? Real New York stands against Newt Gingrich for President in 2012. (Anti-Gingrich stickers)
Repeal the Patriot Act bumper sticker

The USA Patriot Act doesn't do much to actually protect Americans from terrorism; it turns out that Patriot Act surveillance and search powers are used to combat terrorism only 0.5% of the time. What the Patriot Act accomplishes is the creation of a Big Brother program with the government spying against its own people. When Americans are always suspicious that they are being watched, their continual fear ensures conformity. The Patriot Act is inherently incompatible with robust democracy. That�s why it's time to Repeal the Patriot Act: we don't need Big Brother to spy on our lives.
The Border Crisis is a Hoax bumper sticker

You've heard all that talk about a Border Crisis, with volumes of angry people talking about some kind of so-called invasion threatening the country. But guess what? A recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center finds that illegal immigration is plunging, not skyrocketing. The border crisis is a hoax, a false enterprise dedicated to the goal of getting you scared enough to agree to something you'll regret.
Angry Voter: Do Not Cross Bumper Sticker

In a parody of the crime scene tape you've seen warning onlookers not to cross the line, this bumper sticker speaks to incumbent politicians and warns them not to cross the line again by forgetting who it is they represent. If need be, you'll take the power in your hands and use it to vote them out of office! (Anti-incumbent Election Day empowerment bumper sticker)
Don't Blame Me: I Voted for Feingold Bumper Sticker

Don't blame me for the embarrassment that is Senator Ron Johnson. Johnson supports the Patriot Act, ignores science, and makes the entire Upper Midwest wince. Say it with pride: I Voted for Russ Feingold! (Anti-Johnson, Pro-Feingold bumper sticker)
My Politics Don't Fit on a Bumper Sticker

You're not a simple individual whose identity can be summarized in seven words or less. You see the world in shades of gray, and that's okay. It's more than OK. Declare it with pride: My Politics Don't Fit on a Sticker!
Republican Uncle Sam Shirt: I Want You to Stop Paying Attention

This incarnation of old Uncle Sam sports a pair of elephant ears and a trunk to symbolize the Republican Party attitude toward American citizens: I Want You to Stop Paying Attention. The GOP needs you stunned and sheep-like to get its work done.
John Thune is a Hoax bumper sticker

When Republican Senator and presidential contender John Thune says that global warming is a hoax, he contradicts the clear trend of climate data in temperature, sea ice, and glaciation. Global warming is real. It's John Thune that's the hoax. (anti-Thune political bumper sticker)
It Gets Better Rainbow Peel-and-Stick Wall Graphic Decal

The colors of the rainbow stand beside the words It Gets Better on this piece of wall decor as a way letting kids around you who may be struggling with anti-lesbian or anti-gay bullying know that someone cares and that it's worth it to stick out the difficulties. A great display for a LGBT ally. (graphic decal for the wall of your school office, dorm room or apartment)
Texas Against Mike Huckabee Keychain

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is at it again, running for President under the banner of the Republican Party. A large number of Texans -- Republicans, Democrats, Greens and Independents alike -- just don't want him. Show that you're one of the Texans Against Mike Huckabee with this snazzy little keychain.
Indiana Against Mike Pence Bumper Sticker

Indiana Republican Mike Pence has a bifurcated relationship to reality. In the summer of 2010, Pence declared it was his top priority �to get this economy moving again and to get federal spending under control.� In the next breath, Pence defended his pet spending package of $450 million so a factory in his district could tinker around with jet engines the military doesn't want. Enough! (Bumper Sticker Against Mike Pence)
Grove of Peace Trees T-Shirt

A grove of almost prehistoric trees grow from the ground up, bearing the fruit of peace when fully realized. Share a message of bliss in a peaceful, freaky kingdom with this peace trees t-shirt, made sweatshop-free.
Peace Trees Bumper Sticker

These growing trees leaf out against an orange sky with a strange and wonderful crop: colorful peace signs of all sorts and sizes. Bask in the shade of a peaceful tomorrow with this positive, affirmative message on your car.
Republican Integrity is an Oxymoron Bumper Sticker

Republican integrity? Come now. The GOP is so deep in the pocket of Big Business that the phrase is essentially an oxymoron. You're not a corporation, are you? So why are you are still voting Republican? (Anti-GOP bumper sticker)
GOP: Grossly Outdated Principles Bumper Sticker

Did you know that GOP is an acronym? It's true: it stands for Grossly Outdated Principles. That's why 21st Century thinkers refuse to vote Republican. (Anti-Republican bumper sticker)

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