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From: "New in Political Stickers, Buttons and Shirts" <retorts@irregulartimes.com>
Subject: New in Political Stickers, Buttons and Shirts for December 13
Date: December 13th 2010

December's New Political Bumper Stickers, Buttons, Magnets and Shirts
from Irregular Times

The following are our newest additions to our extensive line of political bumper stickers, buttons and sweatshop-free t-shirts as of December 13, 2010. As Bernie Sanders' marathon Senate speech last week on the outrages of a billionaire taxcut reminds us, a better and more just world than this is possible, and those of us who believe in that better world must do all we can to advocate for its accomplishment, whether that's through protest, conversation, a postcard to a friend or the shirts on our backs.

Is there a design you'd don't see here but would like us to make available for sale? Send your suggestions to retorts@irregulartimes.com.

Bernie Sanders 2012 Campaign Button

Support the Sanders campaign and the sensible, people-centered (dare I say caring?) politics that Bernie Sanders stands for. Don't let it be assumed that you support the good Senator from Vermont. Let people KNOW you support Bernie Sanders' economic populism as we head into 2012. 2012!
If you're going to have a Tea Party, you'll have to be a bit more polite bumper sticker

This bumper sticker responds to the Tea Party protests where people have spit on other people, have shouted out racist and anti-gay epithets, and have called for armed insurrection to replace democracy. If you're going to call a Tea Party, you'll have to be more polite to the people you've invited. Goodness! (Civil Discourse bumper sticker against Tea Party extremes)
Bernie Sanders Speaks for Me T-Shirt

Let the world know: when Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on the struggles of America's working people and decries the billionaire tax cut forged by Barack Obama and the Republicans, Bernie Sanders Speaks for Me! (Made in the USA t-shirt)
Republicans Against Mike Pence Bumper Sticker

Republican voters are spreading the word that Mike Pence is not their ideal presidential candidate by putting up these Republicans Against Pence bumper stickers on their cars and letting others see the words as they drive around town.
Greetings from Krampus Holiday Postcard

Krampus, the mischevious and uncontrolled spirit of winter holiday revelry, greets you in the snow covered woods -- no, no lamppost -- on the front of this postcard design. When you send a Krampus card, you show that you have a broader appreciation of the season, more than just a bit of Ho Ho Ho.
W? No, We Don't Miss You Yet T-Shirt

What's to miss about George W. Bush? The two wars? Still got 'em. The massive debt? Still got it. The paranoid homeland security state? Still with us. Why the heck should we miss W when the burdens he threw on our backs are still there? No, W, we don't miss you yet. Not at all.
Schönen Krampustag keychain

A bit of holly and ivy (two more pagan symbols) flank the head of Krampus, the Yuletide creature who punishes children with a birch switch or even a dunk in the river. Christmas, nothing: this is one of the original reasons for the season.
Greetings from Krampus Yule Tree Ornament

Greetings from Krampus, the ancient horned lord of misrule, the spirit of Saturnalia, a carryover of Bacchus and Dionysius and even the mischievous Loki. Krampus is Santa's shadow self at Christmas time across the world from Austria to Argentina. Celebrate another Reason for the Season with this Krampus ornament for the Yuletide.
Gruß vom Krampus T-Shirt for Krampus Tag

Grus vom Krampus! That's what the Austrians say on Krampus Tag, a day that is quickly becoming Krampus Day worldwide on December 5. The Krampus, a strange horned goat figure that is not Christian in origin, deals out judgment against children who are naughty come wintertime. Krampus is another of the many reasons for the season. Celebrate Krampus Day with this lighthearted version of the creepy li'l fella.
Muslims for Peace Bumper Sticker

Let people know that the stereotype of violent Islam is not universally applicable. You are a Muslim for Peace -- advertise it with this distinctive Muslims for Peace bumper sticker, featuring the peace symbol under a green crescent and star.
Muslims for Peace Shirt

Incorporating the crescent and star of Islam and the worldwide peace symbol, this design (available on t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, reusable grocery tote bags and even baby onesies) shows the unification of the two concepts both theoretically and empirically in your person.
In the Face of War, Angry About the F-Word Shirt

There are wars raging. There are hundres of thousands of people dying. There are cities being razed, and you're worried about someone dropping an F-bomb? There are many things worse than foul words. This T-shirt is made ethically and sweatshop-free in the USA by American Apparel.
Oil is not my Addiction of Choice T-Shirt

Expanding exploration and drilling for oil is a funny way of breaking our addiction to oil. It's kind of like the alcoholic treating his alcoholism with a bottle of bourbon. Let's break the addiction by ending the addictive behavior. Stand up and say it out loud: Oil is not my Addiction of Choice!
Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican Button

We know that friends don't let friends drive drunk. So why would friends let friends drive the country into a ditch? Well, they shouldn't. Friends don't let friends vote Republican.
Proud Liberal USA Button

Don't let the Republicans steal the flag. Wear this red white and blue button on your jeans jacket to show off your identity as a proud liberal.
Dennis Kucinich 2012 Campaign Button

Want a real liberal in the DC? Then Support Dennis Kucinich for office in 2012!
Abraham Lincoln would be Ashamed of Today's Republican Party Shirt

If he were aliveto see the Republican Party in the state it's in today, Abraham Lincoln would be ashamed. Express your disapproval of the narrow-minded direction of today's Republican leadership with this made-in-the-USA t-shirt featuring a visibly frustrated President Lincoln.
I got Groped by the TSA and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt!

Got a problem with the Transportation Security Agency unreasonable search program at airports? Show your disdain with humor: The TSA Groped my Groin and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!
Saturn: The Original Reason for the Season Button

Lately, Christian fundamentalists in America have been devoting a lot of time to the pretense that the entire month of December is somehow reserved for Jesus Christ, who they call the Reason for the Season. The thing is, long before Christmas was ever celebrated, there was a Roman holiday called Saturnalia celebrating the god Saturn. From Saturnalia come many of the holiday traditions that people associated with Christmas. Really, if you want to think about it, Saturn is the Original Reason for the Season.
Keep Saturn in Saturnalia Bumper Sticker

The original reason for the season in December is Saturnalia, the holiday feast dedicated to the Roman god of Saturn. When Christians demand you remember the Reason for the Season, let them know you already do. (Saturnalia Bumper sticker from Zazzle)
This December, Keep Saturn in Saturnalia Shirt

Once upon a time, some people celebrated Christmas in December. For a long, long time before that, people celebrated Saturnalia in December. The original December holiday was a days-long feast for the Roman god of time, agriculture and the golden period of Roman prosperity, a god named Saturn. Keep the holiday real. Keep Saturn in Saturnalia. (Made in the USA t-shirt)
Abraham Lincoln Protest Quotation Shirt

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. So said Abraham Lincoln, calling Americans to acts of dissent when their government does wrong. (Quote on Cowardice and Protest by Abraham Lincoln on a shirt made in the USA)
Happy Saturnalia Winter Holiday Shirt

Long before the first Christmas, the end of December marked the holiday called Saturnalia, a feast of the Roman god Saturn who not only was the father of Jupiter but also cast his favor upon Roman agriculture. That's why we mark the end of the year with pictures of an old guy with a sickle, in case you were wondering. Celebrate your own December holidays with this shirt that features tree ornaments along with wishes for a Happy Saturnalia.
Heretic on Board bumper sticker

This bumper sticker adopts the design of the sort of industrial warning used for caustic substances or explosives, but allows you to contrast the Heretic On Board! declaration with your wonderful, warm, awfully nice heretical self. See? They just passed a heretic on the highway, and no one died or turned into a toad.
Prevent Truth Decay: Say No to Sarah Palin bumper sticker

Sarah Palin is on the record with two major news outlets, declaring her belief that she can win the presidency in 2012 and that she's thinking about trying just that. The consequences for the United States of America would be disastrous, not least because Sarah Palin has a predilection for saying things that just aren't so. To stop truth decay, say no to Sarah Palin in 2012.

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