that's my congress titleCongressional Resources for Indiana Voters

Indiana's United States Senators

Senator Evan Bayh, Democrat . Progressive Action Score for Evan Bayh: 17/100. (Contact Senator Bayh)
Senator Richard Lugar, Republican . Progressive Action Score for Dick Lugar: 0/100. (Contact Senator Lugar)

Indiana's Delegation to the House of Representatives

Rep. Dan Burton, Republican, representing District 5 . Progressive Action Score for Dan Burton: 0/100. (Contact Representative Burton)
Rep. Steve Buyer, Republican, representing District 4 . Progressive Action Score for Steve Buyer: 0/100. (Contact Representative Buyer)
Rep. Julia Carson, Democrat, representing District 7 . Progressive Action Score for Julia Carson: 42/100. (Contact Representative Carson)
Rep. Chris Chocola, Republican, representing District 2 . Progressive Action Score for Chris Chocola: 0/100. (Contact Representative Chocola)
Rep. John Hostettler, Republican, representing District 8 . Progressive Action Score for John Hostettler: 0/100. (Contact Representative Hostettler)
Rep. Mike Pence, Republican, representing District 6 . Progressive Action Score for Mike Pence: 0/100. (Contact Representative Pence)
Rep. Michael Sodrel, Republican, representing District 9 . Progressive Action Score for Michael Sodrel: 0/100. (Contact Representative Sodrel)
Rep. Mark Souder, Republican, representing District 3 . Progressive Action Score for Mark Souder: 0/100. (Contact Representative Souder)
Rep. Peter Visclosky, Democrat, representing District 1 . Progressive Action Score for Peter Visclosky: 33/100. (Contact Representative Visclosky)

Resources for Congressional Coverage And Electoral Action

  • Rick Sodrel, Indiana's most vulnerable Republican in 2006

  • Evan Bayh for President in 2008

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